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Matheran is one of the beautiful & smallest hills station in Maharashtra, India. Matheran is found in the Western Ghat and also surrounded by nice and clean air. The meaning of Matheran word is “the forest on the forehead”. It is declared as eco sensitive region by Government of India because it is Asia’s only automobile free hills station. Don’t worry about to travel on this hills station. There are pulled rickshaws & ponies are available to travel. It is two,625 feet above from the sea level. The space is 90 kilometer from Mumbai & 120 kilometer from Pune. So if you leave in Mumbai or Pune then you can reach in four to five hours at this gorgeous hills station. Make your weekend enjoyable & tension free by online Matheran Hotels.

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Hotel Shangri-La
3 Star Hotels in MatheranM.G Road

Overview -Usha Ascot Hotel, Matheran, a dream like structure opens its gates to your galaxy of convenience lodging. The quaint villa may be attending the accommodation… View More

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Hotel Shangri-La
2 Star Hotels in MatheranM.G Road

Overview -Rangoli Retreat is usually a budget hotel that offers travelers good value. Situated opposite the train station, the hotel’s prime location… View More

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Kumar Plaza Hotel
3 Star Hotels in MatheranM.G Road

Overview -Hotel Kumar Plaza, Matheran is usually a delightful turn to get cozy in. The hotel can be a blend of leisure along with business settings . View More

Kumar Plaza Hotel Matheran
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Kumar Plaza Hotel
3 Star Hotels in MatheranMaulana Azad Road

Overview -Anand Ritz, Matheran is really a sophisticated hotel within the hubbub streets with the city. Using its welcoming hospitality and inviting ambience, it ensures a total relaxing stay. View More

Anand Ritz Matheran
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Kumar Plaza Hotel
3 Star Hotels in MatheranMaulana Azad Road

Overview -Brightlands Resort, Matheran offers an ideal getaway on the vacationers off ages under highly economical prices. View More

Brightlands Resort Matheran
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Kumar Plaza Hotel
3 Star Hotels in MatheranMaulana Azad Road

Overview -Sayeban Hotel Matheran is a perfect spot for a relaxed stay in the attractive hill station of Matheran. It’s placed at an expediently accessible location close to the railroad terminal. View More

Sayeban Hotel Matheran
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Sun N Shade Resort
3 Star Hotels in MatheranMaulana Azad Road

Overview -un N Shade Resort is definitely 10 – 12 minutes walk from station very close to matheran market. Sun N Shade Resort provides itself apart to provide you with the Feel of Nature. View More

Sun N Shade Resort Matheran
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Riviera Hotel
2 Hotels in MatheranMaulana Azad Road

Overview -Hotel Riviera Inn is situated in Matheran. The closest airport is Mumbai, 100 km away. Neral, 21 km away, is where you transfer to the toy train that takes you up to Matheran. View More

Riviera Hotel Matheran
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Point View Hotel
1 Star Hotels in MatheranMaulana Azad Road

Overview -Hotel Point View . Matheran a rain forest just ninety five kms from Mumbai a heaven with no pollution.Hotel point view is an ideal hotel positioned in heart of Matheran. View More

Point View Hotel Matheran
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The Wayside Inn Hotel
2 Star Hotels in MatheranMG Road

Overview -The Forest around “THE WAYSIDE INN” has various birds. The serene surrounding is a perfect getaway from routine and monotonous Life. View More

The Wayside Inn Hotel Matheran
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About Matheran Hill Station

Welcome to Matheran Believed to become the actual hill station in India, Matheran is found in Raigad district of Maharashtra, well away approximately 100 kms from Mumbai including a height of around 800 m above sea level.

Matheran, meaning Forest about the head, is usually a well-known weekend getaway with the residents of nearby metros like Pune, Surat as well as Mumbai.

Ministry of Forest as well as environment has declared it to be eco-sensitive region due to its ’0′ pollution level, making Matheran hill station essentially the most preferred holiday destinations with the Indian natives as well as foreign tourists alike. Hand pulled rickshaws and also horses would be the only transport services here caused by ban of effluence emanating vehicles.

Matheran Hill StationIf you are wondering how to proceed in Matheran, then he or she will witness various wonderful sightseeing spots, points, parks and trekking routes like Charlotte Lake, Echo Point, Alexander Point, Madhavji Garden and Point, One Tree Hill Point, Heart Point, Olympia Race Course and also Louisiana Point etc. Matheran hill station is famous to its amazing waterfalls, sunrise as well as sunset as well as various forts like Prabal Fort etc. on Matheran map. Matheran Train provides amazing view of the dense forest by which it travels. Other sightseeing attractions are Parsi bungalows and also British type architecture.

Paymasters ParkHistoric Park or Paymasters Park can be a famous area for eventually Matheran trip, and that is filled with beautiful flowers and also sitting arrangement of benches. What’s more , it has statues of Lt Col, Malet, Paymaster and also Panday for their valuable contributions on the place. Another picnic spots of interests are Rambag Point featuring its hilly sides as well as Charlotte Lake Point which consists of lakeside point.

Because of monsoons, the railroads are closed sometimes, so clear information from railways before entering the break destination would help and prevent any dilemma later.

Matheran has become a 2010 legendary summer destinations for tourists around Gujrat & Maharastra. Through the monsoon season, it indeed rains hard here plus the whole Matheran area is enclosed in thick fog. If we watch Matheran from your pure rainforest and ecology perspective, this is a finest place to behold and also delightful if you need to spend the holiday as incredible one in order to study bugs, butterflies, and many types of forms of tiny little reptiles & creatures.

The various gorgeous places here makes worth paying an appointment. There is excellent scenery, views placed here. The zigzag trails ultimately causing the solitary areas of the hill station remind the visitors in the ” old world ” charisma. For any couple, honeymoon in Matheran could be most unforgettable. It’s the very best of scenic landscapes, climate and also sightseeing and also honeymoon resorts. Hotels at Matheran are effortlessly available and they are generally very famous because of their accommodation as well as hospitality. So Matheran hill station could be aptly called a small oasis of warmth, elegance & serenity.Sightseeing at Matheran really excites anyone without any question.

Languages spoken listed here are Marathi, English as well as Hindi.

The next wind storm in Matheran is pleasant throughout the year; still the best time to check out Matheran is from September to June. However, Matheran weather is most pleasant right after monsoon. Some visitors also would rather visit this devote winters as they possibly can enjoy chilly nights.

History:  A history of Matheran returns to British era. It truly is discovered by Hugh Malet that year of 1850. Tourists can explore old British styled structures preserved by Matheran Municipality.