Book Matheran Tour Package

The town of Matheran in Maharashtra bears the unique distinction to be the smallest hill stations in India. The location attracts swarms of tourists every year and it is a good option to book a tour package which could smooth out your trip considerably. Continue reading to know more on good Matheran tour packages as well as their advantages.

Located on the Western Ghats in Maharashtra is the tiny hill station of Matheran. Town is famous for its natural beauty and also its relaxing atmosphere that acts as a balm for city dwellers. Matheran owes its tranquil atmosphere to a rule by the Indian government of not allowing any motor vehicles in the town. This happens because Matheran as well as the around areas have been designated as eco-sensitive zones along with vast varieties of flora as well as fauna. The only modes of transport inside the city are horseback, cycle rickshaws or by plain walking. To reach Matheran you have to Neral station from where you can catch the toy train that is going to take you to the city. It is connected by roads and railways but has no connection for the outside world by air. Matheran is most famous for its gifts of nature and for its numerous view points where it is possible to catch a Breathtaking view of the sun’s rays rising. Some of the famous looks out points in Matheran are Panorama Point and also Center Point, Luisa Point, Khandala Point, etc. One of many highlights of Luisa Point is the death defying valley crossing that shouldn’t be tried by the faint hearted. It involves being tied with cables and also pulleys to a rope & moving from Luisa Point to Honeymoon point, a total distance close to 900 feet with a 1000 feet valley below you.

Matheran can be a popular getaway for the local populace and finding cozy accommodations here could be bit difficult. It is therefore advisable to book one of the countless Matheran tour packages that could make your trip smooth & comfortable. Many Matheran hotels offer tour packages that include accommodations, Free of charge meals & some packages also consists of chauffeur driven car for transportation & sightseeing reasons. Here are few of the advantages of an excellent tour package and how they make your trip hassle free.

1. A typical tour package offer a chauffeur driven car or bus for picking up/dropping guests from/to the hotel. This facility could considerably lower your cab costs and you can also save time as you won’t have to search for the bus.

two. Almost all of the tour packages include major meals like breakfasts or dinner/lunch and you won’t have to search for good places to eat or restaurants.

three. Most of the packages also include things like sightseeing trip organized and planned by the hotel as well as covered under the package saving you much trouble.

A regular Matheran tour packages include accommodation in deluxe rooms with free of charge breakfasts as well as lunch/dinner. Some of them also include things like sightseeing trips and can be obtained by most of the Matheran hotels.